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Family Transitions

Family Transitions is a group parenting program for divorced or separated parents.  It provides you with new ways to help protect your child – and yourself – from the fallout of a family separation.

How It Works

At the Family Transitions sessions, you will meet other parents going through many of the same problems that come with divorce or separation. During the five weekly sessions each about 2 hours in length, you will get strategies and techniques to help you deal with the stress, anger and change in your family composition.  By better communicating with your ex, conflicts should decrease.  The Family Transitions DVD will show how to implement your new strategies and the workbook will be your guide.  It is recommended that you take Group Triple P before Family Transitions to give you time to implement the strategies that Family Transitions will build upon.

Your ex-partner does not attend the same sessions as you.   Family Transitions is not a mediation program so you should attend on your own or with your new partner. If your ex-partner wants to do Family Transitions, he/she should attend at another time.


If you have attended Seminar and a Group (or other Triple P program) and your home place is still not improving with the strategies you have learned, you may need some further guidance through the Enhanced or Pathways programs.

Enhanced Triple P

If your home is not a happy place anymore because of the fighting and arguing, Enhanced Triple P can help you with strategies that will calm things at home and help you and your children feel better.  You may be referred to Enhanced Triple P by your Triple P practitioner while you are taking part in a Group Triple P or Standard Triple P course.

How It Works?

When you meet with the Triple P practitioner, you will discuss the kind of special support you need.  You can choose to do one, two or all three of the modules.  Each module takes place over three sessions and each one is about 90 minutes in length. 

  • Practice Sessions will help you work on any specific Triple P strategies you've been having trouble with. You will receive the attention and support to help you feel more confident as a parent.
  • Coping Skills helps parents cope with the emotional crises that can make parenting difficult.  You will work on how to calm your moods, prepare for stressful situations and how to relax.
  • Partner Support will encourage you and your partner to work better as a team by improving communication, supporting one another and facing problems together.  


If you feel that you're going to "lose it" and perhaps hit your child, Pathways could help you. You may be referred to Pathways Triple P by your Triple P practitioner while you are taking part in a Group Triple P or Standard Triple P course.

How It Works

In one on one sessions, you will receive support and learn new skills to manage your anger and your child’s behaviour.  There are two modules in Pathways.  Each is three sessions in total and each on lasts about 90 minutes.  You can choose to do one or both.

  • Avoiding Parent Traps will help you work out why you get angry and upset with your child, and help you think differently about how those situations occur.
  • Coping with Anger gives you a choice of personal tools to use when you get stressed or upset with your kids.


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