One on One

Triple P One on One

Triple P One-on-One is a one-on-one program (up to four sessions) with an accredited Triple P practitioner to help parents focus on a specific parenting challenge. With coaching, parents will learn and practice parenting strategies and will monitor their child’s progress. Triple P Practitioners are available for any parent who wants active skills training and wants to help change their child’s behaviour.

If you are the parent of a child with a developmental disability, Stepping Stones can provide strategies you can use in you daily routine.  A trained practitioner in Stepping Stones is available to work with you one on one.

To request Triple P One-On-One and be matched with a Practitioner who will call you to set up your first appointment, please complete the following.

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Will any other adults from your family also be attending sessions (examples: other parent, grandparent or caregiver)?
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