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Group of Friends

Tweens to Teens

There's an easier way through adolescence - for all of you

  • Build a stronger relationship

  • Negotiate boundaries & expectations

  • Deal calmly with conflict & rollercoaster emotions

  • Help them solve problems & handle issues

Triple P Courses for Parents / Caregivers of Tweens to Teens

Some children and teenagers worry more than others. When they become extra-worried, anxious feelings can start to affect everyday life. They may often be upset and fearful, become withdrawn, or even feel ‘sick with worry’. But with the right support, they can gain confidence and break free from anxiety. When they get help to develop their own toolkit of coping skills, they can deal with difficult emotions in healthy ways. It will help them right now, and in the future! 

Teen Seminar

Each Select Seminar Series of three topics targets everyday concerns, such as how to encourage responsible behaviour, improve family relationships, deal with independence or manage problems at school or with friends. Each seminar lasts approximately 60-90 minutes with time for questions at the end. These brief introductions to the Triple P strategies provide great ideas to try at home. There are three different seminars in the Teen Triple P series: 

Raising Responsible Teenagers: Get new ideas to encourage your teenager to make good decisions, be respectful, considerate, reliable and involved in family life. 

Raising Competent Teenagers: Set your teenager up for life with the strategies in this seminar. Find out how to help them communicate well, develop good routines and self-discipline, follow rules and solve problems. 

Getting Teenagers Connected: Learn ways to build your child’s confidence, encourage their social skills, help them meet commitments and encourage them to take care of others.

Triple P Online

Ask about our free codes to take Triple P online when it is convenient for you.  There are up to 8 modules filled with strategies that are taught through this interactive program.

Fear-less Seminar

Help children develop their own toolkit of coping skills to overcome anxiety. Break the cycle of anxiety and avoidance, in a safe and gradual way. Understand what’s within your control to change. Improve your relationship with your children. Enjoy being a parent more! Fear-less Seminar is a two hour session with other parents of children aged 6-14 to learn tips and strategies on anxiety management. Fear-less Workshop, Group or Individual Sessions are for parents of children experiencing significant anxiety causing a high level of distress and interference in activities. Learn strategies and skills to help your child deal with challenging situations and fears themselves. For parents with children aged 6 to 14

Teen Group

Groups are made up of 10 to 12 parents going through similar situations where you can share stories and offer mutual support.  The facilitators provide tips and suggestions to fit your needs.   See how the ideas work in real life through videos. Workbooks include the tools and information you talked about in the sessions so you can start positive parenting right away at home.  Groups are eight or nine weeks long. There will be up to four group sessions, a few weeks of home practice with phone call support and then one final session.     

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